Cheers! A Toast for St. Patrick’s Day Meeting


It was a festive gathering this month for the Beachcombers Advanced Toastmasters Club as our monthly meeting fell on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sita’s Spag & Suds, the restaurant where we meet, had a festive menu featuring Irish Stew and Shepard’s Pie. They even had green beer for those willing to add a bit of festive colour to their brew of choice.

The Toastmasters showed up in their green clothing and “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” ties. Each role from Table Topics Master to Timer contributed to the Irish theme.

Here are a few pictures from the event!

Join us for our next meeting on April 21, 2017 at 6pm. This will be our International Speech and Evaluation contest! Beachcombers, if you are looking to participate, please sign up via Turbobase!




Take Your Passions to the World

International Speech Contest - March 29Why did you join Toastmasters? Take a moment and think about it. Think about why you were compelled to learn more about public speaking and communication. What was it that motivates you to further your personal development?

In short, what message did you want to share with the world?

Here is your chance. On April 21, Beachcombers Advance Toastmasters will hold the club level International Speech Contest, where members present a five- to seven- minute speech on any subject they choose. That’s right — ANY SUBJECT.

The International Speech Contest is the only contest that goes beyond the District level. Winners of the District Conference round will advance to the Toastmasters International Conference held in August in Vancouver, BC this year.

In order to enter the contest, the participants must have completed at least 6 formal speeches from the Competent Communications manual and be a member in good standing (paid your dues). Click here to download the full 2016-2017 rulebook.

The International Speech can be about anything but should include the basics you know so well: personal stories. The idea is to let people into your world so that they have a better understanding of theirs. Make it personal. Make it memorable.

Interested in participating? Sign up as a Speaker on March 29 in Turbobase to compete. It’s that simple!

What do you have to tell the world?


Tips to Elevate Your Next Evaluation

Elevate Your Next Toastmasters Speech Evaluation
Evaluations. They are the strongest resource in the Toastmasters program . . . and the scariest.

Many people dread having to stand up and give an evaluation for one of their Toastmaster peers. Can you relate? They worry about “pointing out what is wrong” or being critical of a speaker in development.

Others feel like they lack the speaking experience to offer helpful, encouraging or supportive in evaluations.

I understand both the fear of being critical and second guessing your speaking experience — for I have been there. But I want to offer you a different perspective.  Let’s start with . . . .

Why We Evaluate
The purpose of evaluations is to help fellow members become better speakers and leaders. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to enhance their public speaking skills. Perhaps you are shy and want to connect one-on-one with members of the community. Perhaps you are looking to take your new product or idea to a wider audience. Whatever the reasons, member want two things:

1) To improve their speaking skills
2) To know how to improve

Cue evaluations.

Evaluations help to highlight the speaker’s strengths and areas where they could expand, grow or develop. Evaluations are a source of information that the speaker processes and uses to build their next speech. It is how we improve. It is not “being critical” but looking for the one tip, gem, that will help their next speech. 

Evalutions are helpful, supportive and encouraging. They are the evaluators opinion — which means everyone can offer their perspective regarding of their Toastmasters experience.

With the club Evaluations Contest in April, here are a few tips from the Successful Communication Series Workbook to elevate your next speech evaluation:

1) Show you care: let the speaker know your opinions are coming from a positive place meant to lift them up and encourage them.

2) Match your evaluation to the speaker: Where is the speaker in the Toastmasters program? How is their confidence? Insecurity? Offer up a suggestion that fits their level without being a jump out of their comfort zone.

3) Be specific and use examples: Praise and suggestions are more meaninful when given specific information and examples. This helps the speaker to connect your evaluation content to the content of their speech.

4) Be authentic in your comments and feedback. Honesty helps to promote self-esteem and help the speaker learn. Honesty is the most valuable element you can insert into your evaluation.

The best evaluations come from your unique perspecitve. They offer honest feedback (positive and suggestions).

Happy evaluating!

Boot Camp Rallies Coast Toastmasters

Contributed by Neil Booth (Morningstars Toastmasters):

One of the key learning tools in Toastmasters is challenging ourselves. This means stepping outside of our comfort zone in our speeches — but stepping up to participate in weekend workshops.

This past Saturday, members from all three Sunshine Coast Toastmasters (Sunshine, Beachcombers & Morningstars) participated in a four-hour workshop at Garden Hotel in Gibsons. Hosted by Area Director Sheila Cameron, District 96 District Program Quality Director Lydia Burchell and District 96 Kerry Deschamps, the workshop offered intensive training on how to judge a contest, evaluations and changes coming to District 96 and the Toastmasters organization. Continue reading

Toastmasters Boot Camp on March 4

“A leader takes people where they would never go on their own.” — Hans Finzel

Our Area Director, Sheila Cameron, has worked to bring a four-hour Toastmasters Boot Camp workshop with the District 96 trio to Gibsons on March 4 at the Gibsons Garden Hotel (963 Gibsons Way) from 10am – 2pm.

The top three District 96 leaders, also known as the Trio, are Kerry Deschamps (DTM, District Director), Lydia Burchell (DTM, Program Quality Director) and George Harjani (Club Growth Director).

The upcoming Toastmasters Boot Camp offers an experience-based workshop where lecture and hands-on interaction for Sunshine Coast members to further enhance their public speaking and communication skills.

It is intensive training that goes above and beyond what can be accomplished in our weekly meetings.

The trio are currently scheduled to talk about the following areas*:

  • How to Judge a Contest
  • How to Evaluate a Speaker
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership & Pathways

*The above topics may change as we get closer to the date.

Mark your calendars for personal growth! See you on March 4 at 10am!

February is Toastmasters Month

Toastmasters Month February 2017On January 24, 2017, the Town of Gibsons proclaimed February as Toastmasters month in honour of the two Gibsons clubs that meet regularly to help members of the community to further their public speaking goals—Morningstars Toastmasters and Beachcombers Advanced Toastmasters clubs.

Sheila Cameron, our fellow member and Area 73 director, stepped up to the mic to accept the Proclamation. She delivered a two to three minute speech on the benefits of Toastmasters and what our organizations offer the community.

In a surprise round of Table Topics, Mrs. Cameron fielded questions on the meeting times and the hidden benefit of Toastmasters – teaching speakers to organize their thoughts and be concise.

Februrary 2017 is our month to shine as Toastmasters and Beachcombers. To celebrate, all three Toastmasters clubs invite the community to Fall in Love with Toastmasters at open houses in February. Everyone is welcome to visit the clubs to see firsthand how the Toastmasters program works, listen to inspiring speeches made by fellow residents and chat with members about their unique journey.

On March 4, 2017 at 2:30pm at the Gibsons Garden Hotel, Toastmasters will host a special meeting to determine if there is potential for an afternoon or evening club in Gibsons. This meeting will offer demonstrations, testimonials and a Q&A session for attendees to learn more about the program. “Many people are intrigued about the self-development that Toastmasters offers, but they find it difficult to meet at 7am,” says Sheila Cameron, the current Area Director for the Sunshine Coast clubs. “We’d like to increase access so that more of our community members can benefit.”

All four events are free and open to the public. Here is a complete list of the events:

Feb. 17: Beachcombers Open House

Fall In Love With Toastmasters - Open House - Feb. 17February 2017 has been proclaimed Toastmasters Month by the Town of Gibsons. To celebrate, we invite you and a friend to our “Fall in Love with Toastmasters” Beachcombers Advanced Toastmasters Club open house on February 17, 2017.

Come to the 6pm meeting at Sitas Spag and Suds (851 Gibsons Way) and listen to inspiring speeches and see what there is to love about Toastmasters.

Be our guest. Bring a friend.

Date: February 17, 2017
Time: 6pm
Location: Sita’s Spag & Suds (851 Gibsons Way)